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Pivotal Aging innovations Inc. is a Canadian company with a core focus of person centred care. With its owners; Denise Bedard (focused in LTC) and Paul Cutajar (focused in older adults in transition), we recognised that there was a void in delivering services to older adults, care providers, retirement communities and families. Pivotal set its target to unify services and education from one source. That being a PIVOTAL point to everyone involved.
Allow us to explain.

Previously a family faced with an aging parent would have to independently seek services or care specific to their needs or wants, however they were restricted as their results were based on their ability to search for solutions.  Without the proper knowledge or guidance as to the solutions available, families typically settled on what was standard or already known. No matter what the circumstance, there will be an eventual transition from their current stage or position to another stage or position. Families are ill equipped to manage that type of a transition, yet they are forced to fumble through, often with poor results.

Most of us have the ability to make a choice yet most will simply wait until circumstances force our decision.
Identified Choice or Circumstance:
• Age In place
• Downsizing
• Home care
• Dementia
• Declining health
• Death of a life partner
• Decline in quality of life or Daily Activities
• Independent living
• Assisted living
• End of life/Hospice

These all indicate a transition from one to another and Pivotal finds it very important to offer families and care providers the resources to solutions for their particular transition requirements.

The older adult transition will most likely involve 4 key areas and although we do not like change, a transition in inevitable:

  1. Care
    * is care needed
    * what type of care is needed (now and future)
    * payment for care (CCAC, or private)
  2. Money
    * are there readily available funds
    * how do you access funds
    * how do you access additional sources of funds (Insurance, CPP, OAS, ODSP, etc)
    * claiming investment returns on equity
  3. Future Planning
    * current will
    * insurances
    * accounting
    * personal paperwork (Banks, Licenses, Accounts, personal items)
  4. Real estate
    * age in place
    * access to equity
    * transition to simple real estate (Bungalow, Apartment, Rental, Condo)
    * transition to retirement/care lifestyle

Till now, retirement lifestyle consultants were faced with creating their own network of community service providers that they could call upon in assisting them achieve a successful placement.  The challenge was connecting with the right service providers or individuals to do so.  In the past, this has been a task as providers come and go as well as being confusing for clients having to deal with different people throughout the often challenging process.

PIVOTAL has developed a program where Lifestyle consultants are able to develop a relationship with a Pivotal Community Advisor as a single point of contact to work with potential clients, effectively making it easier and less stressful for the client and family, often expediting the decision to transition or being able to monitor the transition process within the relationship with the Pivotal Community Advisor.

PIVOTAL offers:

For families and individuals:

• Consultation for proper lifestyle choice: Adult community, Retirement community, LTC
• Consultation for ‘What will I do when I retire’. Preparation when leaving the workforce.
• Age in place solutions: Pivotal Sale and Leaseback programs, Downsizing, Real estate, Guaranteed income investing
• Healthcare navigation and referrals to other resources such as Lawyers, estates, wills, care, ‘Essential Conversations’ and social workers.
• Dementia Therapy thru the Ashby Memory Method™ (AMM). Cognitive Retention Therapy originally developed by Canadian, Dr. Mira Ashby.

For Retirement communities:

• Pivotal delivers MOHLTC and RHRA compliance education and reporting
• Offers consumer consulting service when choosing residence
right fit – right price – right service
• Offers real estate network and consulting in order to facilitate a more comfortable transition from client’s home to a retirement lifestyle
• Offers potentially sufficient financial investing to facilitate a retirement transition
• Offers a Cognitive retention therapy program (AMM) via the residence to its residents
• Offers training of the AMM program with revenue generating options
• Offers Vinyl wrapped doors and walls through our program.  Improving the overall feel of the resisence, residents doors and safety witha reduction in exit seeking opportunities.
• Offers additional initiatives such as ‘Seniors tell us your story’ where we connect seniors and high school students to meet and share the senior’s life story.
• Offers the ‘Pen Pal’s’ initiatives – we connect seniors of one residence to be pen pals with those of another residence…just like the good ‘ol days.
• Offers seminars on solutions or specific topics

Canada wide real estate network:

• Pivotal operates the Accredited Senior Agent™ and MASTER-Accredited Senior Agent™ programs. The ASA™ program offers REALTORS™ education in the nuances in working with older adults while the MASTER-ASA™ program offers advanced training and continued support through the network. The MASTER-ASA’s have been vetted to offer exceptional service, dedication to seniors needs and an overall person over commission attitude. We are Canada’s largest Canadian content training program with over 3000 REALTORS® having taken the course over the past 10 years. Currently with over 40,000 REALTORS in the GTA we have restricted entry to a mere 27 MASTER-ASA’s.
• Working with Administrators and Lifestyle Consultants, Pivotal should be in your tool box for when your potential clients do not have a REALTOR®. Pivotal has removed the fear you have in referring to a REALTOR® by working with one point of contact. Paul Cutajar is a Licenced REALTOR® and MASTER-ASA™ and is able to manage all of your referrals across Southern Ontario.

Professional Care Providers:

• Not all Care providers are able to create their own Dementia program. Pivotal offers them the opportunity for licensing and re-sale of The Ashby Memory Method™ – Cognitive retention therapy for those with early to mid stages Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other cognitive impairments.
• The AMM program allows them to offer an additional revenue generating program that can be delivered by their own trained workforce or by hiring one of Pivotal’s Allied facilitators.
• Pivotal offers individual care providers (RN, PSW, speech therapists, day programmer, BSO’s, etc) the education and certification to deliver the AMM program. These individuals are empowered to operate their own business within the ever growing need for cognitive programs.

Pivotal is currently working on developing the Pivotal Community Advisor where residences can work with a single point of contact for all services offered by Pivotal.  This process builds trust within the community and residences so that no matter where you go Pivotal can pick up and keep you moving forward!
As you can see, Pivotal is positioned to offer solutions to older adults in transition no matter what stage they are in. We would like to partner with you and share the many opportunities you can offer your clients.
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