Pivotal consulting services for older adults and their families.  
Delivering a holistic approach in providing person centred solutions for older adults in transition.

As you age, the decisions you make become even more important for your quality of life.  Often families, couples or singles are faced with difficult decisions and conversations relating to transitions.  Something as simple as asking ‘What are the next steps’ can be challenging when not given the proper environment to ask.

 Through our experience we have found that most people do not know where to start or who to even ask.

The Pivotal consulting program has been designed for families and individuals to begin the opportunity of discovering potential solutions, sometimes even opportunities you may be unaware of.  The program is designed to allow you an opportunity to access solutions and guidance at a very affordable price while allowing you to control the process.

QUESTIONS:  In working with older adults and their families we have witnessed that the first step is always the hardest.  Asking for or admitting help is difficult for all of us.  The Pivotal consultation service was developed to allow you a safe, comfortable start in planning your next steps.  When it comes to asking the difficult questions, who do you trust and who do you ask?  As older adults facing challenges we often shy away or deny the opportunity of discovering solutions for fear of the answers.  The reality is, knowledge is power.  The power to choose your future, the power of making a choice and avoiding circumstances that limit your choices.  Pivotal consulting offers families unbiased conversation leading to an action plan inclusive of your choices and wishes.

MY TERMS:  We all want to be right and we all want it done our way, after all, you deserve to be heard and get what you want. Everyone has an opinion and occasionally their views are not aligned with yours.  Sometimes you are simply not being included in your future because everyone knows what’s better for you.  Given the right conversation and solutions you will be empowered to a better quality of life.  Pivotal’s programs are all based on Person Centred considering you as an individual and views you as a person not a number or statistic.


SOLUTIONS:  When you know what the question is, offering the answer is simpler.  The challenge is discovering what the question is.  Often we are introduced to a situation that causes us to discover the underlying or unrealized challenge.  Sometimes it is as simple as needing Pivotal to take the lead in transitioning to a change of Lifestyle, while others may be planning for the future given a dramatic change in circumstances, isolation or family dynamics.

TRANSPARENCY:  Pivotal’s services are inclusive of you and your family and therefore we will always be transparent, offering you unbiased guidance, detailed action plans, referrals and costs.  Pivotal is here to improve your quality of life not take advantage of it.  We work hand in hand with all of our referral solutions and guide you through the action plan allowing you and your family to meet your goals.  Pivotal is not Exclusive to any brand or service, ensuring you solutions best suited for your needs and wants.

COSTS:  Building on being transparent, our pricing is simple and flexible.  We offer a NO-CHARGE 2 hour discovery consultation with you and any others that you would like to included.  We will return to you with an ‘Action plan’ outline based on the information and goals discussed as well as any suggestions.  For some, the solution is simple and may require a few additional consulting hours ($110.00/hr), while others could be more involved.  IF you decide to move ahead with the ‘Action Plan’, you will be able to choose on implementing the full plan or only parts of it.  In deciding on moving forward Pivotal consulting fees start at $1500.00 and could move up based on the details and 3rd party* involvement required to achieve your goal.  The action Plan outline will offer you strategic pricing check points so you will be able to assess the costs early and design the plan moving forward.

3rd party* fees are paid directly by the customer to the 3rd party separate from any Pivotal fees.  These details will be presented in the ‘Action Plan’.

Here are examples of some things we can help with:


  • Real estate, transition, rightsizing
  • Retirement home transition services
  • Identifying retirement home options
  • 55 year old couple finding themselves in an empty nest position
  • A wife or husband finding themselves living alone (death of a spouse or divorce)
  • Adult children faced with aging parent(s)
  • Older adults faced with a decision of retirement or LTC
  • Families with early discovery of life changes
  • Families needing to move closer together – grandparents to grandchildren
  • Cohabitation of seniors or families
  • Leaseback programs
  • Financial review & guaranteed income*
  • Healthcare navigation*
  • Essential Conversations*
  • Families need for accessibility
  • End of life planning
  • Or even just having someone to listen to you

We are not a healthcare providing service, we do not cook, clean or administer medication, we do however guide you in asking and answering the ‘What’s next and how do we do it’ questions.

Getting started is SIMPLE.

Remember, we offer a FREE 2 hour ‘discovery consultation’ so you have nothing to lose.

Simply click here and offer your contact information and a few details of your situation and we will contact you shortly, alternatively you may call us at:
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